I live in a neighborhood filled with old ladies. They walk around very slowly in their daily walks. I like old people. I have two adorable grandmothers that adore me and whom I adore. They have always lovely stories to tell. The thing is, you see, when I am in my practical mood, I get really impatient. So, people slowing enjoying their last breath of life, they can truly annoy me. And if you get me in one of my bad days… then I am sorry, but I am just a bitch.

So, the old ladies in my sweet sunny neighborhood, they just love going to the supermarket past 7p.m. They do have all day to go, but they seat and wait until working people, like me, leave their jobs, craving for something to eat, to go and buy a banana. That is the thing. They never go there to buy all the groceries. No. They go to buy an onion. Or a piece of bread. Something they could, they should!, have bought in the middle of that very long afternoon. But now they are there, making it all more difficult for me.

So this is my cause, I guess, to eradicate old ladies from the supermarket after 7p.m. Sometimes I believe I am not a good person…

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