Pope & Bach

This week the Pope is visiting Lisbon. I have no faith. Or devotion. I think I still have faith in people, although I really don’t know where the optimistic faith ends and the ludicrous denial begins.

Well, so I was watching images of people who actually believe in that Catholic God and I remembered my Grandfather. He had a huge faith both in God and in me. Both absurd, I believe. But he was no fool at all and until he died, seven years ago, he tried in his own sweet and gentle ways to make a believer out of me. He failed. But he showed me some of the most beautiful things that men of faith could achieve. And today, as I watch the Pope’s arrival, I remembered Bach.

And for a moment I questioned myself if something as perfect could ever exist in a world with no gods.

I believe that we will, one day, discover that God is in a mathematical formula. People say that music and numbers have a lot in common. As a math loving geek I terribly fail to understand music. But listening to Bach today, I realized that maybe, just maybe, there might be something beyond all the smokes and mirrors of my atheist rationality.

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